Enzyme Based Hot Tub and Spa Water Treatment Testimonials

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Read how real users feel about enzyme based hot tub and spa water treatment using The Natural Hot Tub Company® natural and environmentally friendly enzyme based hot tub and spa water management products.

We 100% guarantee that you too will love our all natural enzyme based hot tub and spa water treatment products.  No one has more experience with The Natural Hot Tub Company® products than ChlorineForHotTubs. With this amazing product you will be spending more time enjoying your hot tub or spa rather than maintaining it with spa chemicals. Our natural enzyme based hot tub and spa chemical alternative will amaze you. Take a look at what some of our many satisfied customers have to say!

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“ I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and guidance pertaining to the care and up keep of our Jacuzzi spa. I feel like you are not a salesman but a caring and concerned individual with knowledge shared willingly. The “Filter Flosser” is wonderful for cleaning our spa filter, thanks for the recommendation. I was really impressed, as was my husband. Additionally, you have never disappointed me with your open and thoughtful nature, along with our like mindedness regarding the environment. I am sure that we will be in touch again.”
-L.H., West Virginia

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“We just wanted you to know that your product is everything you said it was. The year prior to using your natural hot tub products, we spent approximately $600 on chemicals for our spa. The first year using your natural hot tub products, we only spent $150. What a savings! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”
-The Thompsons, Virginia

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Thank you for taking the time to check on me and my hot tub issues. Yes, the itch is gone and I’ve been enjoying my hot tub since using your natural hot tub products. My water is crystal clear. Thanks for your wonderful support in regards to my hot tub.”
-S.L., Illinois

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Thank you, I love your natural hot tub products. I was going to finish using all my chemicals but your product makes my spa beautiful with minimal effort and no harsh spa chemicals…thanks again!”
 -T.K., Ohio

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“You have been a lifesaver for me and my hot tub. Your help with my hot tub issues has been very appreciated over the years. If it wasn’t for you I would have sold my hot tub years ago. You even helped me with a product I bought from someone in Washington State telling me it was the same product and he was you.  You shared how to get rid of the 3 foot of foam I had and how to switch it back over to your natural hot tub products. My husband and I both thank you very very much.
-L.B., Missouri

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Since I have been using your Natural Hot Tub Company® Water Treatment and Conditioner my spa management and use is sooo much more pleasant. On top of that it is a lot less monthly expense and the spa is always sparkling clean with velvety smooth water. A little SeaKlear every week helps everything work better. I would highly recommend your natural hot tub products to anyone with a hot tub. It is a total five star product and the people at NatureSafeSpas are very helpful and patient. I tried the Solution guy but he never answered the phone so I contacted you folks. Thank you, Thank you, for such a great natural hot tub product and good service.  P.S. We have a getaway cottage for couples (a little stone cottage) which gets some heavy use at times but with your natural hot tub products and accessories, it sure beats the old Nature II and chlorine program. “
-R.S., New York

“Thanks Burt for such an awesome natural hot tub product. ChlorineForHotTubs is doing a great job.”
-B.B., Maryland

“ I found out about your products from my mother who has been using The Natural Hot Tub Company® products for several years. You came highly recommended and now my family and I are using it as well. Thanks for a great natural hot tub product! “
-M.B., Kansas

Hi ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love your natural hot tub products and your customer service is outstanding. Thank you.”
-C.C., Texas

Hi ChlorineForHotTubs,
“No more hot tub rashes! Hooray!” Thanks for a great natural spa product!”
-S.E., Ohio

Hi ChlorineForHotTubs,
“I don’t know if you remember or not but when I first talked to you about buying your natural hot tub product, I told you that my mother said if it sounds to good to be true, then it is. Now, four years later, I am still loving your natural hot tub products and I guess there are exceptions to every rule. Thank you for such a great and inexpensive spa product.”
S.W., Pennsylvania

Hi ChlorineForHotTubs,
“When you asked me for a testimonial, I thought you were kidding. I’ve been buying your product for five years now, and as I have told you the first day I used it, it cleared up a rash I had from using bromine. I wouldn’t think of getting in a hot tub without your all natural hot tub products. Always a pleasure speaking with you, take care and thanks again.”
-D.J., Minnesota

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“As you know I was having problems with my hot tub when I found your website. Not only were my spa problems solved and stopped having rashes from my hot tub water, but I’m saving money too. Thank you.”
-S.L., Indiana

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“ Just wanted to drop a note and say how much I love your natural hot tub products. I already have two other customers that have switched to your product as well. I like telling my friends and relatives about “neat” things I find on the internet. “
-T.M., Maine

Greetings ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Just wanted you to know that I love your natural hot tub products so much that I now have my son using them. He and his family are very important to me and I don’t want them soaking in chemicals either.”
-W.O., North Carolina

Hi ChlorineForHotTubs,
“I absolutely love my hot tub now!!! I need a new bottle..Thanks”
-J.D.,  Missouri

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“I believe that great things in life are better off shared with others! I was tired of slipping into a chemical soup hot tub after a hard day at work only to find myself later itching and breaking out with hives only to have to go back check the pH and add more chemicals to my hot tub. I decided that it was time we did something different that is when I found ChlorineForHotTubs.com/store.
I absolutely love my hot tub now! It reminds me of the hot springs in Wyoming where I grew up. It has been 2 months now since we have added the new natural hot tub product and I never have a rash or itching and no more burning eyes and nose! Thank you for such a great natural hot tub product!”
-Ellen K.,  MissouriDear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Your customer service is outstanding, and your website is extremely easy to navigate!”
-B.K.,  Pennsylvania

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Been using your natural hot tub products for over a year, and have not had a single problem. Thanks for your prompt shipping and customer support!”
-D.B.,  Washington State

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Thanks for such a great natural hot tub product.  It makes hot tubbing fun again.”
-Caroline S., Helen, Georgia

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“I just purchased a new hot tub and am very happy to see a all natural water treatment available. So I just purchased a supply of your natural water treatment and conditioner.  Enzymes do so much! Everywhere! WOW, thanks for the healthy, natural alternative.”
-Ryder,  Laguna Beach

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“I bought a new hot tub because your all natural hot tub product.  Couldn’t be more pleased with the performance and quality!”
-S.B., Virginia

Dear Chlorine For Hot Tubs,
“I’ve used your all natural hot tub water treatment and conditioner for over a year now, and I love the way it feels on my skin!”
 -L.A.,  Arizona

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the natural hot tub company’s products! When I suggested this to my husband he was rather upset with me, but now that our spa is chemical-free he is elated!! Thank you so much for your support and for your all natural hot tub product!
-P.J., Tennessee

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Thank you for a terrific all natural water treatment product!”
-R.R., Bakersfield, California

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Great hot tub products, ChlorineForHotTubs®!  Now I have time to enjoy my hot tub and I’m not working so hard trying to keep my chemicals in and constantly balanced.”
-Bob D., Canton, Ohio

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“I found out about your spa natural water treatment and conditioner from a hot tub dealer, but they didn’t know a lot about it.   They told me about your website, NatureSafeSpas.com. Wow!  What a lot of information.  Now I feel better about my purchases.  Thanks – love all the info.”
-C. K., Pasadena, California

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“It’s about time somebody in the hot tub industry started thinking about our environment.  Thanks for planting trees and for great customer service.”
-M. B., Savannah, Georgia

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Just wanted to let you know that I love the NatureSafeSpas® products. The water has been great! I’ve also been passing along your information to others I know.”
J. D., Walden, New York

Dear ChlorineForHotTubs,
“Just wanted to let you know that we getting ready to sell our hot tub because of rashes I had from the hot tub chemicals we were using. Now that we’ve found your natural hot tub product, I am enjoying our hot tub again without any rashes or dry skin. Thank you for a great natural hot tub product. “
-N.S. – Portland, Oregon