Full Circle Spa Program

An Eco-friendly program for spas & hot tub water treatment

The Full Circle Spa Program™ is a more natural way to enjoy a hot tub without soaking in harsh chemicals or draining them into our environment. It is a program designed so that each hot tub owner can learn what is needed to maintain clean and safe spa water based on his or her personal use. Many factors affect your spa water such as filtration, spa features, quality of source water, bather frequency and introduced impurities. The Full Circle Spa Program is a guide that will help you determine how to care for your spa with environmentally-friendly products. The 100% safe and effective enzyme products from The Natural Hot Tub Company are the foundation for this program. These products soften and condition the spa water, stabilize pH & alkalinity and reduce or eliminate the use of many harsh chemicals. Following our program will allow you to drain your spa water without bringing harm to our ground water systems on which most living creatures depend. The Full Circle Spa Program is making a difference, one hot tub at a time!

Maximize the efficiency of your spa..

Knowing how your spa functions and how to properly maintain your water will minimize the need for many harsh chemicals to be added. Here are some of the basic features that you find on most hot tubs and their importance to the success of The Full Circle Spa Program. Your dealer can help with this information.

Filtration Systems are designed to remove debris and impurities. Rinsing the filter(s) weekly is the most important maintenance you can do to maintain clean water and minimize the need for additional chemicals. Based on average usage, weekly rinsing is recommended; however, higher usage may require more frequent rinsing. Every 1-2 months deep clean the filter(s) using the Filter-Soak following the directions on the bottle. We highly recommend having two sets of filter(s) and rotating them so that one set can air dry before using again.

Circulation Cycle System determines how often and for how long the filtration system is in operation. If adjustable, your hot tub needs to circulate for a minimum of 4-8 hrs a day and up to 24-hrs a day if possible. It is cheaper to run the filtration system more often than to add additional chemicals needed to keep the water clean. If not using your spa at least weekly, the cover should be removed completely and all pumps ran on high with all jets open for 30-min to oxygenate the water.

Water Capacity determines the minimum amount of spa products to be effective in treating your spa water. Most hot tubs are between 125 and 500 gallons. (Use 1/2 bottle for spas up to 250 gallon & one full bottle for spas up to 500 gallons of the Water Treatment & Conditioner every 3-months).

Ozonators are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria by using ozone. The Full Circle Spa Program is fully compatible with ozonators and ionizers which lowers the need for additional sanitizer.

Spa Covers should be left on the hot tub when not in use to prevent unwanted debris from entering your water or allowing algae to grow from direct sunlight. Important… Indoor spas should always ensure proper ventilation.

Minimize Source Water Impurities…

Whether you are on municipal or well water, they both can introduce impurities into your spa which can interfere with the proper chemical balance of your water. Having the source water tested is one way to determine if water impurities are too high. When filling or topping off your spa we highly recommend using a pre-filter to remove impurities. If you have a water softener system it is important that you by-pass this system when filling your spa. The garden hose used to fill the hot tub often has standing water which can introduce contaminants such as bacteria and water mold. Flush the hose by running it for several minutes prior to filling your hot tub. This is recommended even when using a pre-filter.

Minimizing Bather Impurities…

Bather frequency is the number of different bathers and how often they use the spa. Bather frequency is not something we recommend you minimize but you need to altar your water treatment plan if it changes. An increase in the number of bathers or the frequency of use can require more maintenance and demand for sanitizer. Consistency with bathers and frequency will make it easier to determine a regular maintenance schedule that keeps your spa water clean. If you have more than the normal number of bathers in your spa it is always a good idea to ‘shock’ your water after use while the cover is still open (add the recommended amount of 99% sodium dichlor and run all pumps on high with all jets open for 30-45 minutes and be sure to rinse your filter(s) the next day). Most of the impurities that cause cloudy water and the need to add chemicals to your spa water comes from the bathers. These impurities often include perspiration, lotions, deodorants, make-up, dead skin cells, body oils, or residual soap which contains phosphates. The Natural Hot Tub Company’s Water Treatment & Conditioner works well with the filter(s) to remove these impurities. Minimizing these impurities does decrease the strain on your spa water and filter(s). Here are some tips to minimize the impurities. You may want to consider a soap-less shower prior to entering your spa to remove excess lotions and oils. Bathing suits have residual soap or excessive dyes that can cause discolored water or excessive foam. They should be washed without soap and double rinsed in hot water before use.

The Full Circle Spa Program™ uses these 6-products to maintain clean & safe spa water.

Ozonators are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria by using ozone. The Full Circle Spa Program is fully compatible with ozonators and ionizers which lowers the need for additional sanitizer.

The Natural Hot Tub Company Penetrating Spa Cleanser adds years of life to your spa by using this highly concentrated deep cleanser which cleans away contaminants and residues and helps prevent future chemical build-up. Recommended to be used once each year 2-3 days before draining. If spa is not new we highly recommend using this product following directions on bottle.

Pre-Filters are highly recommended to help eliminate minerals, metals & other impurities before they enter the spa. This reduces or eliminates the need for additional chemicals to achieve the proper chemical balance.

The Natural Hot Tub Company Water Treatment & Conditioner is an all natural enzyme product that maximizes your hot tubs filtration by taking contaminants to your filter(s) as well as maintaining your pH & alkalinity for up to 3-months. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky eliminating dry, itchy skin & chemical odors.

The Natural Hot Tub Company Filter-Soak is a powerful enzyme formula that is an eco-friendly way to deep clean your filter(s) without using harsh chemicals & draining the chemical-laden water into our ground water. According to one of the largest manufacturers of spa filters, ‘enzymes break down lotion & oils’. Economical *See bottle directions.

Sea-Klear is an all natural clarifier which works well with The Natural Hot Tub Company products. This natural clarifier may be used weekly or when your spa has heavy use or an increase in bathers. It clears cloudy water, increases filter efficiency, and helps remove metals.

Spa Chlorine Granules (99% sodium dochlor) is available at your local spa store. Being the only Required EPA registered sanitizer that has the ability to dissipate out of the spa water. This product may also be used as a ‘shock’ and residual sanitizer, allowing bathers the option of not soaking in harsh chemicals or breathing toxic fumes. To be more Environmental, ensure all the 99% sodium dichlor has dissipated out of the spa water before draining. This can be done by leaving your cover open & running all pumps on high with all jets open for 30-60 minutes or until obtaining a 0 reading for both free & available chlorine with a spa test strip. You can then drain your spa without harm to our ground water.

All products should be used according to manufacturers instructions.