The No. 1 reason people don’t buy hot tubs is maintenance.
While it is true that a spa actually is virtually maintenance free, the traditional spa water treatment is usually an everyday procedure.  First, checking the water for chlorine or bromine levels, then pH and alkalinity, then adding some chemical every other day at least and adding another chemical for metal content and/or a clarifier.  Most all of these products are one form of chemical or another.  Also when you consider most people do not drain their spas but every six months to a year, this chemical build-up is enormous.
Then we drain our spas into our ground water system which is polluting our Environment.
With this Water Treatment & Conditioner, you add one bottle every three months and that’s it!
You can add an all-natural clarifier, Sea-Klear®, once per week just as you get out of the tub.
You can also use a small amount (1/2 tsp) of Spa Chlorine Granules when necessary and leave the cover off to ‘gas’ it out.
Clean the filter once per week which you should do, no matter what you use as a water treatment. Easy!

How It Works:   What are Enzymes?
Enzymes are strings of proteins that catalyze bio-chemical reactions. This simply means they “jump start” bio-chemical reactions that are vital for human life. Enzymes are present in all living cells.
Enzymes are very specific in what chemical reactions they catalyze. Enzymes are used by cutting-edge biochemists in the war against disease. Enzymes are completely safe – even beneficial – to all living things. In fact, your body produces many enzymes that protect you from germs and viruses.
Enzymes work differently from chemicals because they don’t get “used up”. They are recyclable. You can think of enzymes as billions of very small, very hard-working factories operating 24 hours a day.
The Natural Hot Tub Company uses 14 different enzymes in its Bio-Prepase™ (Water Treatment & Conditioner) formula. We tested thousands of different formulas over a period of years to find just the right mixture of enzymes that were effective.
With this formula, we have a set of “master” enzymes that have been effective but at the same time keep the formula 100% safe for people, plants, animals and our environment.
The Natural Hot Tub Company Bio-Prepase™, (Water Treatment & Conditioner), enzymes have some fascinating properties. Most enzymes work within a narrow temperature range – between 70 and 90 degrees F. At the lower temperatures, the enzymes don’t have enough energy to start a reaction.
As the temperature rises, they work better until they start to break down from the heat. The Natural Hot Tub Company’s Bio-Prepase™ enzymes are different because they continue to work all the way up to 180 degrees F! Very few enzymes can tolerate – much less thrive – at this temperature.
The Natural Hot Tub Company’s Bio-Prepase™, (Water Treatment & Conditioner) enzymes also have a long shelf life – up to 5 years. Most enzymes are lucky if they last a week.
There are over 3 Million different types of enzymes and still counting! It took several years of research to develop the right combination of enzymes to be effective for treating hot tub water.
Do I have to use anything else with the Water Treatment & Conditioner? This all depends upon how your spa is being used, and your source water (water used to fill or refill a spa).  It is highly recommended to use a Micron Pre-filter depending upon your particular source water.  Source water from wells containing heavy metals we recommend using the Carbon Block Pre-filter.  Now that some water municipalities are putting phosphates and other contaminants which may affect your pH and Alkalinity, we recommend using the Micron Pre-filter.
It is recommended to use the all-natural Sea-Klear once per week.  An all natural clarifier that..
1 – clears up cloudy water
2 – contributes to better filter efficiency
3 – eliminates scum
4 – helps to remove metals in your water.
  • This Water Treatment & Conditioner is to be used in conjunction with the minimum required amount of a EPA registered sanitizer.  To be Eco-friendly and not soak in chemicals and breathe toxic fumes, we highly recommend using the Water Treatment & Conditioner with Spa Chlorine Granules (99% Sodium Dichlor) only.  This product is not only a very effective Sanitizer but may also be used as a ‘shock’ as well.  The 99% Sodium Dichlor will also dissipate in hot circulating water and will not build-up on your spa equipment as some other sanitizers do. Check your filters to ensure they are clean regardless of the last time you cleaned them.
  • Recently I noticed my spa water was getting a little cloudy. What has caused this to happen? Be sure to run your filtration system a minimum of 8-hrs per day (if possible), 24-7 is even better.

    Cloudy water may be caused by several things, for example, soap on skin from recent shower, deodorants, lotions, oils, body creams, soap residue or dyes in bathing suits, make-up, not rinsing your filter(s) often enough, etc…  Also too much use of fragrances or other items put in your water. To clear up cloudy water…

    • Rinse your filter(s).
    • Use the recommended amount of Sea-Klear clarifier, be sure all jets are open and run all pumps on high with your cover ‘open’ for 30 minutes
    • Shock with 2oz of Dichlor (always when doing this make sure all jets are open and run all pumps on high for 30 minutes with cover ‘open’ to oxygenate the water and speed up recovery time).  Never get in your spa if you have done this and your water is still very cloudy.  We would recommend using one of the WaterSafe Bacteria test strips, however if you have shocked the water with Dichlor and your spa water is still cloudy, shock again with 1oz of the Dichlor following the procedure described above.

    Be patient, the water will clear up it just may take a little more time.  If your water remains cloudy chances are your filter(s) has lost its efficiency and we would recommend purchasing a new one.  Please keep in mind that if someone in the last day or two has entered into your spa with cream, lotions, or oils on their skin, even if it were put on hours earlier, it will come off in your water and may clog your filter(s), which would render it useless until deep soaking and cleansing. Never use bleach to clean filters. They will come out white, however, the filter could be compromised and no longer effective. We highly suggest you purchase new filters.

    How Are Your Products Environmental? Approved by OSHA in 1987 to be 100% safe, our enzymes are harvested without harm to the eco-system. We are the first in the industry to have 100% PCR bottles, meaning all the resin used to make these bottles have been recycled post consumer. Purchasing products made of PCR content salvages material which would otherwise end up in a landfill and puts it to good use. For every 3,700 bottles recycled, a barrel of oil (42 gallons) is saved and about 1/2 ton of toxic emissions is avoided. This is another way that NatureSafeSpas® is committed to reducing our environmental impact and our carbon footprint.

    By using PCR bottles, we just lowered our carbon footprint by 60%. Approved by OSHA in 1987 to be 100% safe our enzymes are harvested without harm to the ecosystem. Our labels are Earthfirst™ (less petroleum). Our carton and other packaging is recycled or is recyclable. Also, when our Water Treatment and Conditioner is used with only 99% DiClor, which can be gased out before draining, the spa water should do no harm to the ground water system.

    We had some friends over recently and I had foam appear when I turned on my jets. Why? Someone had not properly rinsed their bathing suit and it is soap residue.  It is recommended to purchase a swimming pool skimmer net, dip out foam and clean the filter(s) thoroughly.  You may have to do this twice because of the soap residue left in your lines.  You may also notice your spa water having a color tint from bathing suits fading.  This will also clear up in time, if your filter(s) is working properly.

    I am considering purchasing a new spa and don’t want to wait the 5 days of using the penetrating spa cleanser, any suggestions? When you consider that most, if not all new spas are water tested at the factory and some may still have water in the lines, it is recommended to use 99% Sodium Dichlor (spa chlorine granules) to be sure this water is sanitized, along with the Water Treatment & Conditioner.  Before draining your spa for the first time we suggest using the Penetrating Spa Cleanser to thoroughly clean and protect your equipment.

    Are The Natural Hot Tub Company products more expensive than traditional chemicals? No, in fact it is much less expensive than any other system of water treatment!

    Can I use a micron filter with your product? No, these will clog up fast and cause cloudy water. It is best to use a pleated filter.

    I was recently told by my hot tub dealer that using your products would void my warranty. Is this right? Absolutely not, there is nothing in our products that would void your warranty.

    Why can’t I find the Natural Hot Tub Company® products in my local spa store? Unfortunately, most hot tub stores are convinced by the multi-billion dollar chemical companies to not use our products. This is only because our products eliminate approximately 90% of the chemicals they would like you to buy. If your spa store carries our product, please thank them for caring about you, your family and the environment.