Hot Tub Chemicals Keep Water Clean, Healthy

They are primarily designed for use in hot water. In addition, they help in keeping the hot tub water clean and crystal clear.

More often than not, hot tub water is extremely subjected under different harmful microorganisms. Thus, keeping it disinfected is a must thing to stunt the rapidly increasing growth of hazardous bacteria. Usually, chorine is used to sanitize water specifically in swimming pools. However, it is not one of the ideal hot tub chemicals for sanitizing the hot water milieu. Specialists suggest the utilization of a chlorine-based, sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione if you are going to cleanse hot tub water. Though it is only recommended to shock the water, it is such a good aid in reducing hazardous bacteria.

Sodium Bromide is the most distinguished sanitizer in hot tubs nowadays. It comes in the form of a tablet which can easily give out floating disbursement devices or in granular form into the water. It is very effective when adding raising the water echelon as well as when adding other hot tub chemicals.


It is necessary to know that the frequent addition of hot tub chemicals is imperative. It must be done as a daily routine in the sequence of checking the water first, and then adding the right quantity in order to carry the echelon to your preferred rate. Likewise, pH factor in the water helps in keeping its clearness and cleanliness. Ideally, the pH level, to some extent, should be more than the neutral seven. Preferably, it must be in between 7.2 and 7.6. There are lots of brand names of hot tub chemicals currently available and identifiable by their function through names such as pH-Plus or pH-Minus.

Many Chemicals Perform Many Functions

Sometimes, between tanning sessions, people get in and out of water and the lotion eventually come off into the water. In addition, it includes natural body oils and sweats which make the water unpurified. In order to remove these impurities from the water, you can use several hot tub chemicals like purifiers. There are also available cleaners that can eliminate water line scum and they usually come in a paste form.

Every time water is stirred rapidly by jets of pressure, certainly, there are foams that will be formed. To keep it from forming again or even to get rid of it virtually straight away, anti-foaming hot tub chemicals are the best chemical that you can use.

The hardness of your water supply primarily determines the formation of calcium and lime deposits. These deposits will make your water dirty and muddy, and even damage pumps. The worst that may happen is possibly ruining of the pipes themselves. In order to eradicate these deposits, hot tub chemicals should also be employed. You must use the hot tub chemicals that are great in breaking these compounds and remove them out of your tub.

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Enhance Your Experience with Hot Tubs

Are you a proud owner of hot tub? If yes, then you must have always been eager to make your hot tub more beautiful and comfortable. These days, people pay extra attention on the looks of the hot tubs. Not merely the looks, but they also take care of their personal health and hygiene when they are in the tub.  Due to this reason, people with hot tubs use hot tub chemicals. The hot tub offers an ideal temperature for the water borne bacteria to develop which may affect the human health. As a result, people use hot tub chemicals so that it can curb the development of bacteria. Chlorine and Bromine are the two mainly used hot tub chemicals which are easily available in any local store.

Now, talking about the external beauty, the hot tub users like to make their hot tub look more stylish that suits their style and personality. Due to this, they buy different types of hot tub accessories that truly enhance the overall beauty of the hot tub. The hot tub accessories are very easily available at any local hot tub seller. These days, people look for the completely different hot tub accessories other than going for the same old and regular accessories. The hot tub accessories may include a DVD player, beautiful candles that are especially made for the hot tubs and a lot more.

Just protecting the hot tub from inside is not necessary. It is very essential to protect your hot tub from outside as well. As a result, it is very important to buy hot tub covers so that your hot tub is protected from all kind of outside destruction. The hot tub covers should be bought after knowing your hot tub so that you buy the ideal hot tub covers that will protect your hot tub completely.

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Importance of hot tub chemicals for your hot tub

It is always good to enjoy the relaxing experience in your hot tub. There can be several functions people can enjoy such as relaxing, entertaining as well as keeping their body healthy. Hot tubs allow you to enjoy various functions for a long term of use. In order to get those benefits it is extremely important to ensure proper maintenance of your hot tub. There is a need of some regular maintenance that should be done properly to ensure the best use of your hot tub. This routine will include daily, weekly, monthly, periodically and even annual maintenance. One of the great ways to maintain and clean your hot tub is to make the use of hot tub chemicals.

One thing to make sure is to read the usage instructions given each chemical container you are going to use. There is a strong need to make the careful and exact usage of hot tub chemicals in order to give superb maintenance. The type of your hot tub chemicals vary from liquid, tablet, granular, solid and so on. Always make sure to use it carefully whatever the form it may be. It is for the best of your hot tubs. Other important thing to do with your hot tub chemicals is to keep it out of reach of the children to avoid any misuse.

Many people wonder why they should give so much importance to the maintenance of the hot tub. The simple answer is that it will save you a great deal of money against any repairs, fixing even replacement of your hot tub. Regular hot tub maintenance will preserve your hot tub and also ensures its best functions.

In order to get the best hot tub services from your infrared saunas, it is extremely important to ensure timely maintenance of your hot tub. The more precisely you maintain your bath tub the better services it grants you. Always keep in mind there is routine maintenance for daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. If you are capable of adhering to this routine properly, you will get the best functions out of your favorite hot tub and won’t cost extra dollars to get it repaired. Whenever making the use of hot tub chemicals, hot tub covers, don’t forget to use it as per the usage direction printed on the hot tub chemical container.

Hot Tub Water Chemistry

Why is water chemistry important? Good water chemistry is the key to a healthy and happy hot tubing experience. Because hot tubs are not drained after each use like your bath tub is, there are certain things that need to be checked and maintained in order to keep your water in pristine bathing condition. Keeping your water chemistry in check will also extend the life of your equipment by fighting against stain and scale build up, preventing clogged filters, and preventing algae and bacteria.

Warm water in spas and hot tubs can make a great breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria. Those can be transferred into the water by bodies of the bathers, as well as airborne items such as viruses, spores, and algae. When left in the water untreated these organisms can lead to excessive skin irritation and even illness. Thank goodness for sanitizers, these will kill the bacteria that are in the water and leave it clean and healthy for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.


Sanitizers such as Bromine, Chlorine, Pristine Blue, and Spa Frog Mineral systems will keep your water clean as long as they are maintained at the appropriate levels. Whichever option you choose to use, you will want to be sure and test your water often to ensure levels are being maintained within the recommended ranges for that form of sanitizer.

These sanitizing systems will work great but you will want to be sure to also use a shock treatment with them. Shock Treatments like SpaPure Oxidizing Shock or Pro Team Multi Magic Shock will oxidizes or break-down the dead organic material left behind from your sanitizer system, as well as non-filterable material such as body oils, lotions, films, hair spray, dirt and perspiration. An occasional shock treatment is a must to maintain clean, clear water in you hot tub.



It is also very important to maintain control of the water’s pH level in your spa. The measure of acidity and basicity in the water is called pH. The pH scale ranges from 0-14. Levels of pH less than 7.0 are acidic while pH levels greater than 7.0 are basic. The proper pH range for a spa is 7.4-7.6. In order to maintain water comfortable for bathers these levels need to be maintained.

pH levels over 7.6 can cause scale build up, less effective sanitation, and a prematurely dirty filter. To bring pH levels down it can be done simply by adding the recommended dose product such as Spa Pure pH Down or ProTeam Spa Liquid pH Down.

Low levels of pH under 7.4, can cause bather discomfort, corrosion of equipment, and rapid depletion of sanitizer. If you need to increase your spas pH levels we recommend either ProTeam Spa Liquid pH Up or SpaPure pH Up.

Total Alkalinity

Total Alkalinity is a measure of the amount of buffering capacity in the water. It acts as a shock absorber for the pH. If Total Alkalinity is too low, the water is acidic and can corrode equipment and hot tub surfaces. It also causes pH bounce. The pH will drift down and any adjustments made to it will bounce and be difficult to control. If Total Alkalinity is too high, the water is alkaline and scale buildup and cloudy water can result. The pH will tend to drift up and will be very difficult to adjust. For more detailed information on controlling your spas total alkalinity please refer to What is Alkalinity?


Calcium Hardness


Calcium or Total Hardness refers to a measure of minerals in your water such as calcium and magnesium. It is important for your water to have some level of hardness, if it doesn’t it will begin to draw metal off of other sources—like your equipment and cause corrosion. If the water is too hard it can cause scale formation and cloudy water. If your tap water is very hard the use of a pre-fill filter can help in bringing down the hardness before putting the water into your spa. There is no chemical way to lower hardness levels but you can use SpaPure Stain and Scale Preventer to help avoid build up. Hardness levels should be maintained between 100- 250 PPM’s for acrylic finish, and 250-450 PPM’s for plaster finish.  If you need to increase your levels it can easily be done using SpaPure Hardness Increaser or SpaPure Calcium Up.

Changing the Water

Water chemistry can be effected by a number of different elements, including chemicals, airborne contaminants, and the number of people using it and how often. To maintain good water chemistry we recommend a water change every 1-4 months depending on the use of the spa.  To drain the spa you will want to turn off the electricity to the spa, locate the drain spout and attach a garden hose, this method can take a while so if you are looking for a quicker way of draining we recommend the Little Giant Pool Cover Pump, this will drastically increase the speed at which your draining takes place.

When refilling the use of a Pure Fill Spa Pre Filter, which hooks right to your garden hose will make your initial water chemistry balancing much easier as it is like filling your spa with bottled water.

Use Of Hot Tubs ? Benefits Aplenty

A proper blood pressure holds key to your survival and good health. A plenty of drugs and equally surpassing therapies are available in the market to regulate and control your blood pressure. One such therapy that requires just a hot tub with a customized and regulated flow of water is known as Hydrotherapy. Essentially, before dwelling more in to hydrotherapy we are required to know more about a hot tub and the reasons behind of installing one for you.

Hot tubs provide you instant relief from high blood pressure. Regularized flow of hot water helps in dilation of your blood vessels. With external dilation, even your heart remains from the requirement of pumping as stressfully and hard as it requires regularize blood in to the vessel. The hot tub treatment results in considerably lowering your blood pressure.


After a busy day at office, your muscle might feel a little sour due to the accumulation of lactic acid. You will feel better and get relaxed once the blood gets into your muscles and the lactic acid is regularized. All it requires a little session inside a hot tub.

Add to it the benefits of faster vasodilatation. Now due to the regularized external water jets, more oxygen is ready to be transported to places where there is insufficient supply of oxygen. With better supply of oxygen a hot tub also adds to the healing process and brings back your blood pressure back to normalcy. The process of vasodilatation, thanks to the hot tub again, also helps in the circulation of nutrients.

A hot tub is a worthy investment as it certainly pays you dividends in many ways.

It is advisable to consult a doctor, before using the hot tubs. If you are a high blood pressure patient, using a hot tub would not only lower your blood pressure but also improve the overall quality of life.

Learn Why Hot Tub Chemicals Are Important For Your Hot Tub

For a very reasonable cost you can increase the life of your hot tub cover by literally years. It’s not difficult to extend its useful life and in this article we discuss some easy ways to protect your investment.

Discover why you require chemicals in your hot tub and what to use. No one wants dangerous water born bacteria in their hot tub. So the best way to keep them at bay is by using hot tub chemicals. Even though, chlorine is utilized in swimming pools, it not recommended in hot water as it loses it’s bacteria fighting properties as temperature goes over 80 degree. For hot water, chemicals are specifically designed and have the dual advantage of keeping the water crystal clear.

You will need hot tub chemicals that will safely eliminate any of the following that might be in your hot tub water:

Natural body oils and sweat
Tanning lotion – do you get in and out of your hot tub in sun bathing sessions?


Moving water caused by jets of pressure causes foam to form

You will require getting into a routine of adding hot tub chemicals on a regular basis, checking the water and then adding the chemicals to keep the levels up to the desired rate. If you want your water clean and clear, maintaining pH factor of the water will be an important part of your routine. You will find many brand products available to select from. Based on the above list, you can buy chemical to deal with each of these problems:

Training lotions, natural body oils and sweat need water purifier that will break down the oil and eliminate from the water.
You can save lime and calcium deposits from building up using specialist chemicals, which can also be utilized to break them and flush them out of your tub.
Lime scum is eliminated by specialist cleaners that come in the form of paste.  
Foam can be prevented using anti-foaming hot tub chemicals

As you know it’s important to keep your hot tub clean and free from bacteria and otherwise water borne contaminants will spoil your enjoyment of your hot tub.

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Natural Hot Tubs

Although most people are familiar with man made hot tubs or “Jacuzzis,” even many hot tub aficionados are unaware of another option in the world of hot tubs – the natural or spring-fed hot tub.

There are natural hot springs and the attendant earth source hot tubs in many places throughout the world – within North America, the states of Arkansas, California Idaho, Montana, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming all have hot springs which have been developed into tourist attractions. Further north, there are natural hot springs in British Columbia and even Alaska!

A natural hot tub is a very different experience from a backyard Jacuzzi. Aside from the reduced maintenance involved, there are a variety of little-known non-commercial natural hot tubs which have been assembled near rivers in the semi-wilds of Idaho. There is typically a long hike through winding trails and scenic forest in order to reach a site unlisted on any maps. The hot tub is usually comprised of gravel and cement with rubber or PVC hoses which divert geo-thermally heated water from the natural hot spring to the hot tub.


Some of the better-engineered of these locations include fittings and hoses to allow the redirection of cool river or stream water, as well as the hot water from below the Earth’s surface to create the same level of comfort as one might find in a backyard spa.

This decidedly rustic experience is not for everyone, however – in some cases, there is nothing more than a bucket as a means for hauling cool water from a nearby river or lake in order to lower the temperature of the tub water. Such exertion can allow natural hot tubbing to become an endurance building exercise as well as a relaxing escape. For those who would prefer uninterrupted relaxation in a variable massaging jet of bubbles at a preset temperature, natural hot tubs may seem the stuff of nightmares; chance encounters with wildlife are not uncommon, and the remote access is often the best guarantee of exclusivity.

Although not as accessible for any but a hermit, a natural hot tub is certainly an experience worth having, particularly for those with affection for the out-of-doors. Thanks to the communication offered by the Internet, the locations of many of these spring-fed hot tubs are now available for all. Thankfully, the remoteness of their locations prevents lines from getting too long – so if you’re interested in driving down a rocky trail, search for an all-natural hot tub location in your next vacation area!

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Natural Hot Tub – Adding Value to People?s Lives


Hot tubs and their value on individual lives are immense. Think of an evening you have just arrived from a grueling day of hard work at office. After the physically and mental grind you have been subjugated, all you need is a lazy stroll to hot tub and a dip till the neck.

See how all your tiredness and irking muscle soreness vanish in thin air. What follows is a nightlong good sleep. Your relaxed state of being and rejuvenated self is again ready for another day of hard work next morning.

Spas – the original ancestors of hot tubs have been in the list of popular choice for long time now. From Romans and Greek of medieval history to Europeans, Asians and Americans of more recent history, there are sumptuous evidences of changing forms and shapes and over all varieties of spas and their portable hot tub forms.


By natural hot tubs, we mean big wooden vessels – of different shape and sizes with water inside simmering to a point comfortable for the human body. Modern hot tubs come with electrical heating system with pumps fitted inside streams jets of water to different portions of the body. The water jets help in better blood circulation as well as muscle soothing.

The popularity of and their success in entering more and more houses is also linked to their easily portable structure. They fit to the cozy surrounding and inside of a space-stricken urban household. Being easy to be carried away and installed, are perfect options for ones living in urban or semi-urban areas.

Growing number of hot tub makers have resulted in to many positives for the buyers for hot tubs. Today, where the price of the product is gradually dropping, better accessories in less prices are coming to the market – all along with easy to avail after sales service providers.

Diabetes Causes and Symptoms and Simple and Natural Home Remedy Treatment for Diabetes

A good diet is the key to good health. While in some cases diabetes is caused due to genetic factors or other triggers, more often than not it is diets rich in sugar that lead to blood sugar problems later in life. Every diet has the scope to be tweaked a little bit so that you can ward off the danger of diabetes. If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, low HDL, and eat a lot of processed foods, you fall in the high-risk category.

Natural Cure for Diabetes
Everyone ought to slowly wean themselves off highly processed junk food and shift to leaner, more natural alternatives. You can also use the three natural cures for diabetes tips which are listed below:

In order to cure diabetes naturally, one has to also know what the symptoms and causes are. Diabetes is usually caused by overeating, obesity, and from stress as well. Emotions such as worry, depression, and anxiety also contribute to diabetes, which could lead to people feeling easily tired mentally and physically, hungry and thirsty often, and would develop health problems like anemia and palpitations. Some of the cures may involve activities that tackle these problems, so be ready for some changes in your diet and everyday activities.


Water is also extremely important. Both drinking water and using hydrotherapy is just as critical. You should be drinking at least 16 ounces of water for every 2 hours you are awake to flush your body and maintain blood sugar levels. You should also learn more about hot tub treatments and how it can benefit you in numerous ways.

Finding the right minerals is also very important to diabetics. For instance, most diabetics are deficient in potassium. You should immediately supplement potassium rich foods (like bananas) as well as a potassium supplement.

Paleolithic Diet
Eating what Paleolithic people ate is becoming more popular as a result of the diabetes epidemic in the United States. Paleolithic people typically ate lean meats from wild game, as well as fish, birds, nuts, vegetables, and most fruits when they could find them. More than 100,000 generations of people depended on this kind of diet. Diabetes care was virtually nonexistent during that time because processed foods did not exist. Only the last two generations of people have been introduced to highly processed food.

Taking part in regular exercise can also really help to reduce the effects of diabetes. It is a well known fact that being overweight is a big contributor to Diabetes Type 2.So by losing weight and staying healthy you will be successfully helping the body to deal with conditions such as Diabetes a lot better.
One natural treatment you might not have considered but which can be very effective is bitter melon. Bitter melon is great for treating diabetes because it contains a compound which is extremely like insulin. It will help to control the levels of sugar in the blood too which is obviously extremely beneficial.

Other Natural Cures
Another natural cure for diabetes is exercise. It is important that you control your weight, in order to also control your diabetes. Anytime you exercise, you are improving your body’s ability to respond to insulin. Before you begin any type of exercise routine, you will want to be sure to consult with your doctor. Exercise such as walking, swimming and a light game are all excellent forms of exercising. Yoga is also very beneficial for anyone with diabetes as it helps to lower stress levels tremendously.

Guide To Hot Springs Hot Tubs

A Hot springs hot tub is the ultimate experience in bathing for all those water babies who love this routine and would like to conduct it in the comfort of their own homes. It is akin to enjoying the pleasures of a spa in the privacy of your own hot tub and when the warm, calming waters of a Hot springs hot tub wash away the tiredness of the day and times, one knows it is a special place that can be either their very own retreat or a fun place that is ideal for family-time as well as a get-together with friends.

Features of a Hot springs hot tub

A hot springs hot tub has all the features of a regular hot tub treatment and then, some more! It has come to be recognized as that specialized piece of bathing and rejuvenating equipment that affords comfort, convenience and relaxation through exclusive features- all packaged neatly into one package deal. The average use of a Hot springs hot tub is recorded by the sales of the ones that fall in the 6-8 category seating capacity range, which are driven by 2.5-3 horsepower jet pumps that give the effect of gushing water at pre-decided (by you) flow levels, be it a soothing flow or a speedier level. The cabinets for these special tubs comes in a wide range of colors and one can choose a finish that fits in with their décor with jet streams that are directional or rotary, as the need may be


Seating and capacity

The hot springs hot tubs have extremely comfortable seats that allow for comfortable lounging and stretching and come in a wide range of heights to suit all manner of people and some even have the corner seat/s designed such that it gives targeted hydro-massage to the wrist, back and calf areas of the person seated therein. The average 6-seater hot springs hot tub has a 500gallon capacity and can weigh between a 1000 to 1300 pounds, depending on usage and the water filled in it.

Sound and Light enhancement in a hot springs hot tub

Some of these hot springs hot tubs are even fitted with a specialized system of multi-colored LED lighting, designed for use within these modernized pieces of equipment and so that all the senses are equally indulged in this pursuit of pleasure, the impact is further enhanced with audio music systems too-making the modern hot springs hot tub a complete sensory experience!