For a very reasonable cost you can increase the life of your hot tub cover by literally years. It’s not difficult to extend its useful life and in this article we discuss some easy ways to protect your investment.

Discover why you require chemicals in your hot tub and what to use. No one wants dangerous water born bacteria in their hot tub. So the best way to keep them at bay is by using hot tub chemicals. Even though, chlorine is utilized in swimming pools, it not recommended in hot water as it loses it’s bacteria fighting properties as temperature goes over 80 degree. For hot water, chemicals are specifically designed and have the dual advantage of keeping the water crystal clear.

You will need hot tub chemicals that will safely eliminate any of the following that might be in your hot tub water:

Natural body oils and sweat
Tanning lotion – do you get in and out of your hot tub in sun bathing sessions?


Moving water caused by jets of pressure causes foam to form

You will require getting into a routine of adding hot tub chemicals on a regular basis, checking the water and then adding the chemicals to keep the levels up to the desired rate. If you want your water clean and clear, maintaining pH factor of the water will be an important part of your routine. You will find many brand products available to select from. Based on the above list, you can buy chemical to deal with each of these problems:

Training lotions, natural body oils and sweat need water purifier that will break down the oil and eliminate from the water.
You can save lime and calcium deposits from building up using specialist chemicals, which can also be utilized to break them and flush them out of your tub.
Lime scum is eliminated by specialist cleaners that come in the form of paste.  
Foam can be prevented using anti-foaming hot tub chemicals

As you know it’s important to keep your hot tub clean and free from bacteria and otherwise water borne contaminants will spoil your enjoyment of your hot tub.

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