A Hot springs hot tub is the ultimate experience in bathing for all those water babies who love this routine and would like to conduct it in the comfort of their own homes. It is akin to enjoying the pleasures of a spa in the privacy of your own hot tub and when the warm, calming waters of a Hot springs hot tub wash away the tiredness of the day and times, one knows it is a special place that can be either their very own retreat or a fun place that is ideal for family-time as well as a get-together with friends.

Features of a Hot springs hot tub

A hot springs hot tub has all the features of a regular hot tub treatment and then, some more! It has come to be recognized as that specialized piece of bathing and rejuvenating equipment that affords comfort, convenience and relaxation through exclusive features- all packaged neatly into one package deal. The average use of a Hot springs hot tub is recorded by the sales of the ones that fall in the 6-8 category seating capacity range, which are driven by 2.5-3 horsepower jet pumps that give the effect of gushing water at pre-decided (by you) flow levels, be it a soothing flow or a speedier level. The cabinets for these special tubs comes in a wide range of colors and one can choose a finish that fits in with their décor with jet streams that are directional or rotary, as the need may be


Seating and capacity

The hot springs hot tubs have extremely comfortable seats that allow for comfortable lounging and stretching and come in a wide range of heights to suit all manner of people and some even have the corner seat/s designed such that it gives targeted hydro-massage to the wrist, back and calf areas of the person seated therein. The average 6-seater hot springs hot tub has a 500gallon capacity and can weigh between a 1000 to 1300 pounds, depending on usage and the water filled in it.

Sound and Light enhancement in a hot springs hot tub

Some of these hot springs hot tubs are even fitted with a specialized system of multi-colored LED lighting, designed for use within these modernized pieces of equipment and so that all the senses are equally indulged in this pursuit of pleasure, the impact is further enhanced with audio music systems too-making the modern hot springs hot tub a complete sensory experience!