While reading the August 20, 2004 edition of Pool & Spa News (a magazine for the pool and spa industry) I was struck by the number of articles concerning sanitizers for pools and spas. It was reported that consumers are demanding a better way to make their pool and spa water safer, without harsh chemicals and these effects on both humans and the environment. The industry is trying to react to their concerns with safer, more effective sanitizers.

Members of the spa/pool industry community state that consumers are tired of soaking in “a chemical soup” that leaves their skin dry, and their senses aggravated by the chemical smells. A spa should be a relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic experience. The Water Treatment & Conditioner will soften and condition spa water with no chemical odors.
It is absolutely necessary to keep our spa water clean and free of harmful germs. This Water Treatment & Conditioner with the minimum recommended amount of EPA required sanitizer will keep us safe from harm. This natural enzyme combination is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to protect themselves and the Environment.

Dangerous Lead Levels Found In Some Garden Hoses:
Tests of 10 garden hoses finds 5 with lead levels over EPA standards.
Reported by ABC NEWS on July 12, 2007.
Note: Another reason to use RV garden hoses and/or garden hose pre-filters when filling spas.